HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO MY MOM IN HEAVEN.  I miss my mom!!!!  My mom died 3 years ago but it feels like it was yesterday.  There is still so much pain, because I mourn her physical loss.  I cannot call my mom on the phone.  I cannot see my mom in the nursing home.  I cannot hold my mommy’s hand. However, I CAN still feel her near me.  I CAN still talk out-loud to my mom, and I know that she can hear me.  I feel my mom’s spirit every time I call her name.  I KNOW IN MY HEART and my soul that my mom is in Heaven. I have done all of her Temple work and I know that she has accepted this wonderful gift.  I love you, mommy, with every breath I take.

Hug and love your moms everyday and enjoy eternity with your family.

I love you my brothers and sisters,

Jane Moe

My cat, Faith, went to heaven.

My beloved cat, Faith, died at the tender age of 11.  Faith is my first purebred cat, a Ragdoll.  My husband and are heart-broken, and our lives feel somewhat empty.  Not because our home feels lonely without my beloved Faith, but because Faith was one of my best friends.  He didn’t know he was a cat.  (Typical of the Ragdoll breed.)  Faith had a perfect combination of the very best behaviors and personalities of both cat and dog.  Faith would walk on command with a leash, come when called, fetch, play hide and seek, and follow me everywhere I went.  If I was putting my makeup on, Faith would jump up on my lap.  If I was brushing my teeth or taking a bath, he would be on the counter of the sink or the tub.  Somehow he never feel in the water.  I never had to take him out for exercise, he would run around and entertain himself as long as I was in the room. When Richard and I first adopted Faith, we had a home in California with 2 floors. Faith would race up and down the stairs that connected the 2 floors, sliding into me and enjoying himself because  usually startled me.  When Faith wanted to go outdoors he would stand by his leash, stare at it, and meow his demands to go outdoors.

Faith was unhealthy for a year and a half before he died. When he first got sick, Faith lost weight and because he didn’t have his usual appetite.  (He weighed 18 pounds and could eat ALOT). When he continued in this behavior I took him to the vet.  The Dr. ran all kinds of blood tests, kept him the hospital, and got tired of me calling every half hour to check up on his health.  They couldn’t find an exact diagnosis to treat, so they gave him a vitamin shot, something to settle his stomach, and some antibiotics.  Faith began to improve and began to demand food a lot because he was skinny and hungry.  I began to study the nutritional needs of a cat and realized the dry food I was giving him was crap.  I changed his food and he flourished.  Suddenly, Faith got real sick.  I babied my friend and watched for any signs he might be in distress.  He still followed me around, cuddled in my lap, purred all the time, and ate like a champ.  But this only lasted about a month.  I made an appointment with the vet for the next day after Faith stopped eating.  I wanted to allow him to die in my arms as he took his last breath.  That was not to be. When I woke up the next morning and ran to check on him, Faith had passed during that night.

I know that Faith was a part of my family. If you have a pet that you dearly love, you know.  I didn’t want to share this story.  I knew the pain I would endure as I finally accept that he is gone and now I have finally allowed myself to grieve.  I am sharing this loss because I will finally tie this story to the brand (or theme) of my website.   It sure took me long enough.

I have found peace in the knowledge that I will be with Faith in heaven and I rejoice knowing that I will be with him again. I can ‘feel’ him all the time and I know our pets go to heaven and live with our eternal families forever.  Think about this: what kind of a Heavenly Father (or God) would give us these gifts only to take them away when you return to HIM.  I believe God sent us to earth to experience joy and happiness. And He LOVES US SO MUCH that he allows us to be reunited with those we love in HIS Eternity.

BTW,  I still have 6 abandoned kitties that found, and  I share my home and my love with all these poor babies that were threw out like trash.  (I am a cat foster-mom).  I will only have one special relationship like I have with Faith.

Until then, dear Faith, enjoy the perfect spirit yo are now.

Mommy. AKA Jane Moe

When Satan Attacks Your Self-Worth,

Our self-image belongs to us.  We develop it, we encourage positive improvements, we fight to keep ourselves motivated, and finally: we feel good about ourselves. Ahhhhh.

And then, Satan nips at our heels.  This evil demon will do ANYTHING to crack our defenses.  Satan LOVES to create problems for us.  Satan LOVES to help us make mistakes in our lives. You name it: lies, using foul language, stealing, cheating, pornography, doubting your faith, and even telling us it is okay if we skip church and do whatever we want on Sunday.  If satan fails in any of these sins, satan attacks our self-worth.  We all question who we are at different or difficult times in our lives. And I think taking note of our lives can be a good thing.  While you are at it, may I recommend (from personal experiences) that you maintain a positive assessment.  I have found that when I am hard on myself, satan is right there tempting me to give up and take the easy route, the wrong road.  Well, I am on to satan and his tricks. I realize that satan will use any moment of weakness for his own evil agenda.  DON’T ALLOW THIS.  You KNOW you are a good person, that you try your best, and this should be the first measurement of our self-worth, knowing that we are the very best we can be.  I think this is the path Heavenly Father wants from us.  YOU’VE GOT THIS!!!!!

I love you my dear brothers and sisters.

Jane Moe

A Quote From Joseph F. Smith Re: Forever Family.

I just have to share this quote from Joseph F. Smith:

“Sometimes the Lord expands our vision from this point of view and this side of the veil, that we feel and seem to realize that we can look beyond the thin veil which separates us from that other sphere. . . . [And we would understand that] those who have passed beyond, can see more clearly through the veil back here to us than it is possible for us to see them from our sphere of action. I believe we move and have our being in the presence of heavenly messengers and of heavenly beings. We are not separate from them. We begin to realize more and more fully, as we become acquainted with the principles of the Gospel, as they have been revealed anew in this dispensation, that we are closely related to our kindred, to our ancestors, to our friends and associates and co-laborers who have preceded us into the spirit world. We can not forget them; we do not cease to love them; we always hold them in our hearts, in memory, and thus are associated and united to them by ties that we cannot break, that we cannot dissolve or free ourselves from. . . . And therefore, I claim that we live in their presence, they see us, they are solicitous for our welfare, they love us now more than ever. For now they see the dangers that beset us; they can comprehend better than ever before, the weaknesses that are liable to mislead us into dark and forbidden paths. They see the temptations and evils that beset us in life and the proneness of mortal beings to yield to temptation and wrong doing; hence their solicitude for us and their love for us and their desire for our well being must be greater than that which we feel for ourselves.” (Joseph F. Smith, in Conference Report, April 1916, 2–3.)

My heart, my soul, and my faith has total belief in this teaching from my LDS Church.  If you read my new book, “Visions of Heaven: What My Near-Death Experience Taught Me About Eternity,” written by Jane Moe with Suzy Bills, (available EVERYWHERE May 8, 2018) you will see why I LOVE this quote.

I love you,

Jane Moe

It’s Hard Work To Be A Mormon!!

It is HARD work to be a Mormon!!!  I can say say this because I am a convert.  I have lived my life without my LDS Church, and I have lived the last 5 years as an active member of ‘The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.’  I remember the minute that my husband, Richard, and I decided to join this Church.  I was holding, ‘The Book of Mormon,’ in my hand.  So we went into the nearest LDS Church Service (which happened to be in Little Rock, Arkansas), and announced we wanted to be baptized.  We had no concept of what this meant, only that we wanted to be ‘Saved’ and join this Church.  We went through the lessons taught by the Missionaries and got baptized and confirmed.  There, we did it.  Now we were going back to our old lives.  Say what?  We have more to do?????  OK.  What else do I need to do?  When I found out that our new Church was not just a Faith, but a life-style as well, I honestly didn’t know if I could do everything that these ‘Mormons’ did EVERY day.  I could make a list, but if you are LDS, you know what I mean.  And if you are not LDS, I cannot begin to tell you all the blessings I receive every day!!!  Because I work the Church, I don’t let it work me.  I read my Scriptures, I pray, I ask for forgiveness, I try my very best to be kind, respectful, not gossip, and to be Christ-like all day.  Let me tell you, if all this is new to you, it takes effort every minute of every day.  But my Faith is so worth all the work.  I know that this time on earth is just a part of my eternity.  Can you image?  What we do now affects us FOREVER!!!!  I wish you happiness, joy, and peace forever.  I love you my dear brothers and sisters!!


Jane Moe

I Love General Conference!!

This past Easter weekend was AMAZING!!!. Not only was it Easter, but it was also General Conference. This LDS event is something I have experienced before. But this General Conference was so spiritual, so full of love, so full of faith, and so full of Jesus Christ, that it was different. This is the first General Conference since my conversion that we set-apart a new Prophet. I watched President Nelson as our Church sustained this amazing man. To me, his face said it all. I felt my very soul sing. President Nelson’s eyes filled with tears and his face transformed before me. I knew this great man had been called from God to lead my church at this time. Words cannot express how my life is changed every day because of my faith in our beloved Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, The Holy Ghost, and the eternity of the Plan of Salvation. Believe in eternal families!!!! Your future is calling you.

Easter and What It Means.


Easter Week in History

This week of Easter brings a lot of emotions to me. I am sad and empty because this is the week in history when Jesus was betrayed and beaten. This is the week in history that Heavenly Father knew was coming. Jesus knew it too. The tragedy on Good Friday was pre-ordained and part of Our Father’s Plan of Salvation. My heart weeps for Jesus. My heart also weeps for our Heavenly Father. The Father of us all stood by and watched his first born, his only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, atone for the sins of all the world. Every ‘Good Friday,’ I stand all amazed at the love he has given me. I try to understand, and I cannot. I know that someday I will. But for now, I feel lost in grief.

I find joy, comfort, love, and faith in the day of Easter. I have a personal testimony that in Jesus Christ died on the cross to save us. Our beloved Lord knew that He would return to rescue us. 3 days after Jesus died, He triumphantly returned in body and soul to testify of His Glory. Jesus is a fully resurrected spirit, His Body and Soul rejoined as one. The Scriptures testify of this truth.

Please love your neighbors as you love yourself. This is the 2nd greatest commandment of all.



Defeat The Devil

We know satan.  The devil himself.  He is around…waiting for his chance to tempt us to do his bidding…..make a mistake, commit a sin, use profanity, use pornography, you name it, if it’s bad; he want you to do it,  We are stronger and smarter than satan,  He can easily be defeated.  How? Prayer.  Scriptures.  A contrite heart that asks for forgiveness.  You’ve got this.  www.janemoe.com

Preach The Gospel


The call to preach Christ’s gospel isn’t new. Many prophets were com- missioned during Old Testament times to declare God’s word to all inhabitants of the earth.  John the Baptist prepared the way for Jesus Christ’s ministry, and then He appointed twelve apostles to teach His doctrine. After He died and was resurrected, He once again appeared to the Apostles and gave the following directive: “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you” (Matthew 28:19–20; see also Mark 15:16). That mandate is no less important today than it was during Christ’s ministry two millennia ago.

In fact, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints promise as part of the baptismal covenant that they’ll share the gospel. Those who enter Christ’s Church promise “to stand as witnesses of God at all times and in all things, and in all places that [they] may be in, even until death” (Mosiah 18:9). As Church members go to the temple and complete additional ordinances, they pledge to serve God with “heart, might, mind and strength” (D&C 4:2). I believe that the greatest service we can give to Heavenly Father is to help Him fulfill His work and glory of bringing to pass the “immortality and eternal life” of His children (Moses 1:39).

Are my sins forgiven if I truly repent?


No one is perfect.  We all fumble.  I make dumb mistakes.  However, that’s where Christ’s Atonement comes in. He is the only way we could possibly live with Him and Heavenly Father again. Through His Atonement and Resurrection, we’ll not only live again but we can be made clean so that we can dwell eternally in heaven. However, for us to get there we must repent. We show our desire to repent and be made clean by agreeing to be baptized. And then after that, we need to repent whenever we make a mistake. For me, that means repenting not just monthly or weekly but every day. Maybe I was impatient with someone or didn’t follow a prompting from the Holy Ghost to serve someone. Sure, those aren’t big things, but even they need to be repented of if we want to be completely clean. Don’t delay repentance. Not only will repenting bring you peace but it will also mean that you’re prepared to meet God whenever He decides it’s your time.