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Let’s get acquainted

My name is Jane Moe.  I live in Provo, Utah, with my husband, Richard.   My home state is Iowa, and I attended Northeast Missouri State University in Kirksville, Missouri, where I studied creative writing and speech. During surgery in 2006, I survived death, and I experienced an NDE (also known as a near-death experience).  At this this point in our lives, Richard was my boyfriend.  We loved each other, and we had already decided to live together so we moved into a beautiful home in California. Richard is a very loving, protective, strong, and supportive man.  He was waiting for me in recovery and although groggy from the anesthesia and mindful of my IVs, I took Richard’s hand and told him that I had just seen his dad.  Richard, always so patient and loving, leaned in close to my ear and whispered, “Honey, it must have been a dream. My daddy died suddenly when I was fifteen years old. I think about him every day, and I miss my dad, but he is gone.”  Looking into Richard’s eyes, which had filled with tears, I informed him that I was not dreaming.  I described a sensation during surgery of leaving my body.  I found myself standing in a heaven that was breathtaking in every detail.  I was engulfed in a bright, white, light that was different from anything I had ever seen.  This light caressed my body in a manner that was soothing.  My surroundings became a part of me.  I was not afraid.  The light began to part, and the white color was replaced with with a swirl of gold clouds: brilliant, more magnified, more detailed than our earthly colors. I knew that I had never experienced what was unfolding before me but somehow I felt that I was home.  I felt engulfed in a love that was so intense that I began to weep tears of joy.  I became aware of a man standing in front of me.  I asked him if he was God. This perfect man held out his perfect hand and smiled as he said, “No, but I understand why you would ask me this question.  My name is Kilmer Oscar Moe, Jr.  I am Richard’s dad.  Our Heavenly Father heard your prayers last night and was touched when you asked both of us to pray for a successful operation.  I knew you had included me in your prayers because we both love Richard.  This prayer allowed our time together before our Heavenly Father sent you back. I have seen Richard’s grief, and I want my son to know that this Heavenly Father has provided a plan and a promise that we can be together again for all eternity.  Please tell my beloved son that I have never let go.” His voice was gentle, kind, familiar.  “You have a message,”  and  I nodded my head as if I understood.  I knew there was more, and he continued.  “Richard will not believe that you have spent time with me so I will give you secrets that only he and I could possibly know.”  I didn’t need to write anything down.  I knew I would remember. I begged to stay but I was told it wasn’t my time.  I had more work to do.  It would take years for me to understand and accept what I had seen.   Richard believed in me.  I had to tell him the father/son secrets first.  Richard kept a journal and excitedly wrote everything that had happened that day.  I wasn’t as convinced.   I mean, who does this?  Maybe I had lost it. But that heavenly visit was only the beginning of my journey.  I would begin a spiritual time in my life that I had never known before.  When Richard brought me home from surgery that same day, I wanted my time within this beautiful after-life to continue.  I didn’t have to worry long. That night I had more dreams of Richard’s family.  Over time I would learn of my own ancestors.  I learned details that were shared.  I became interested in our after-life.  Over the past 10+ years, I have studied, and I have compared my new insight with my anyone who would listen, NDE peers, our family members, a church, and people who liked my first book, “What Heaven Is Like,” written in 2011 and finalized and self published in 2012.  My next book book was a personal 12 year journey in which I embraced this gift, and I searched for answers.  I kept journals because I had a feeling I might need them.  I only knew what I had seen, and I decided that I should reach out to others. My new book is about my journey to find eternity and and to find a faith and scriptures that matched my first vision, and what I believe to be true.  So, I have written a new book, “VISIONS OF HEAVEN. What My Near-Death Experience Taught Me About Eternity,” under my married name, Jane Moe, and my publisher, Cedar Fort Books, has scheduled a release date in May, 2018.  In the meantime, I will continue to share my story via this blog.  I am also putting together a quarterly newsletter that will highlight the emails I receive and specific questions/comments.   If you would like to receive updates or receive my newsletter, please fill out my contact form complete with your email address.  (No spam, promise:) I would love to hear your stories so please feel free to comment or add a post.

Visions of Heaven: What My Near-Death Experience Taught Me About Eternity

Jane Moe

For one brief moment, facing death, Jane Moe stepped into eternity. This incredible true story will take you on an enthralling journey as Jane sees God’s plan for families and is taught how to recognize His Church when she encounters it later in life. Take more steps into eternity with Jane and come to know what heaven—and mortality—is really about.

Product Details
Title: Visions of Heaven: What My Near-Death Experience Taught Me About Eternity
Author: Jane Moe
Paperback: 144 pages
Publisher: Cedar Fort, Inc
ISBN-13: 9781462121915
Publication date: 5/1/2018
Price: $12.99/$14.99