Visions of Heaven: What My Near-Death Experience Taught Me About Eternity

Jane Moe

For one brief moment, facing death, Jane Moe stepped into eternity. This incredible true story will take you on an enthralling journey as Jane sees God’s plan for families and is taught how to recognize His Church when she encounters it later in life. Take more steps into eternity with Jane and come to know what heaven—and mortality—is really about.

Product Details
Title: Visions of Heaven: What My Near-Death Experience Taught Me About Eternity
Author: Jane Moe
Paperback: 144 pages
Publisher: Cedar Fort, Inc
ISBN-13: 9781462121915
Publication date: 5/1/2018
Price: $12.99/$14.99


  1. René LARENAS Gajardo says:

    I read your story, it was a amazing. I’m so grateful you shared this with me. I’m LDS too, I baptized when I was 16 years old, I am 37. I still remember when I went to the church and I said to the missionaries I want to baptize. ( I’m sorry if my English gave some mistakes, I speak french and Spanish). I was less active for 9 years…but there’s something that I have learned “ the only place on earth you can be safe and loved is in the church”. Thanks for sharing your life. Love, R.L.

    • Jane Moe says:

      I love your testimony. I have only been a member for 5 years but it has changed my life. I survived a near-death experience in which I saw eternal families, angels, ancestors, and Jesus. Once I found that the LDS Faith matches what I saw in heaven, I joined the church. This is what my new book is all about. Hugs and love, Jane Moe.

    • Jane Moe says:

      Hi Rene,

      Thank you so much for reaching out to me. (Your English is just fine!!) Je Parle Francais, un peu.
      I love our LDS Faith. We have something in common, besides being sisters, and that is our testimony of seeking out the missionaries and asking to be baptized. How did you find our Church? I had my near-death experience in 2006. I wrote my true-story books LONG before I heard of Mormons or our beloved Church. I have written about eternal families, and our spirits being the same in the after-life as on earth. I had also written about seeing ancestors (both my husbands and mine). I never got a fact wrong. I still have the gift of visions and my new book coming out May 8 is about my journey from 2006 to today. I share visions of heaven in my words and compare it to our Faith. It is truly amazing, in my opinion. I would love to hear more from you. Please keep in touch!!! Jane Moe

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