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My name is Jane Moe.  I live in Provo, Utah, with my husband, Richard.   My home state is Iowa, and I attended Northeast Missouri State University in Kirksville, Missouri, where I studied creative writing and speech. During surgery in 2006, I survived death, and I experienced an NDE (also known as a near-death experience).  At this this point in our lives, Richard was my boyfriend.  We loved each other, and we had already decided to live together so we moved into a beautiful home in California. Richard is a very loving, protective, strong, and supportive man.  He was waiting for me in recovery and although groggy from the anesthesia and mindful of my IVs, I took Richard’s hand and told him that I had just seen his dad.  Richard, always so patient and loving, leaned in close to my ear and whispered, “Honey, it must have been a dream. My daddy died suddenly when I was fifteen years old. I think about him every day, and I miss my dad, but he is gone.”  Looking into Richard’s eyes, which had filled with tears, I informed him that I was not dreaming.  I described a sensation during surgery of leaving my body.  I found myself standing in a heaven that was breathtaking in every detail.  I was engulfed in a bright, white, light that was different from anything I had ever seen.  This light caressed my body in a manner that was soothing.  My surroundings became a part of me.  I was not afraid.  The light began to part, and the white color was replaced with with a swirl of gold clouds: brilliant, more magnified, more detailed than our earthly colors. I knew that I had never experienced what was unfolding before me but somehow I felt that I was home.  I felt engulfed in a love that was so intense that I began to weep tears of joy.  I became aware of a man standing in front of me.  I asked him if he was God. This perfect man held out his perfect hand and smiled as he said, “No, but I understand why you would ask me this question.  My name is Kilmer Oscar Moe, Jr.  I am Richard’s dad.  Our Heavenly Father heard your prayers last night and was touched when you asked both of us to pray for a successful operation.  I knew you had included me in your prayers because we both love Richard.  This prayer allowed our time together before our Heavenly Father sent you back. I have seen Richard’s grief, and I want my son to know that this Heavenly Father has provided a plan and a promise that we can be together again for all eternity.  Please tell my beloved son that I have never let go.” His voice was gentle, kind, familiar.  “You have a message,”  and  I nodded my head as if I understood.  I knew there was more, and he continued.  “Richard will not believe that you have spent time with me so I will give you secrets that only he and I could possibly know.”  I didn’t need to write anything down.  I knew I would remember. I begged to stay but I was told it wasn’t my time.  I had more work to do.  It would take years for me to understand and accept what I had seen.   Richard believed in me.  I had to tell him the father/son secrets first.  Richard kept a journal and excitedly wrote everything that had happened that day.  I wasn’t as convinced.   I mean, who does this?  Maybe I had lost it. But that heavenly visit was only the beginning of my journey.  I would begin a spiritual time in my life that I had never known before.  When Richard brought me home from surgery that same day, I wanted my time within this beautiful after-life to continue.  I didn’t have to worry long. That night I had more dreams of Richard’s family.  Over time I would learn of my own ancestors.  I learned details that were shared.  I became interested in our after-life.  Over the past 10+ years, I have studied, and I have compared my new insight with my anyone who would listen, NDE peers, our family members, a church, and people who liked my first book, “What Heaven Is Like,” written in 2011 and finalized and self published in 2012.  My next book book was a personal 12 year journey in which I embraced this gift, and I searched for answers.  I kept journals because I had a feeling I might need them.  I only knew what I had seen, and I decided that I should reach out to others. My new book is about my journey to find eternity and and to find a faith and scriptures that matched my first vision, and what I believe to be true.  So, I have written a new book, “VISIONS OF HEAVEN. What My Near-Death Experience Taught Me About Eternity,” under my married name, Jane Moe, and my publisher, Cedar Fort Books, has scheduled a release date in May, 2018.  In the meantime, I will continue to share my story via this blog.  I am also putting together a quarterly newsletter that will highlight the emails I receive and specific questions/comments.   If you would like to receive updates or receive my newsletter, please fill out my contact form complete with your email address.  (No spam, promise:) I would love to hear your stories so please feel free to comment or add a post.


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