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Are my sins forgiven if I truly repent?


No one is perfect.  We all fumble.  I make dumb mistakes.  However, that’s where Christ’s Atonement comes in. He is the only way we could possibly live with Him and Heavenly Father again. Through His Atonement and Resurrection, we’ll not only live again but we can be made clean so that we can dwell eternally in heaven. However, for us to get there we must repent. We show our desire to repent and be made clean by agreeing to be baptized. And then after that, we need to repent whenever we make a mistake. For me, that means repenting not just monthly or weekly but every day. Maybe I was impatient with someone or didn’t follow a prompting from the Holy Ghost to serve someone. Sure, those aren’t big things, but even they need to be repented of if we want to be completely clean. Don’t delay repentance. Not only will repenting bring you peace but it will also mean that you’re prepared to meet God whenever He decides it’s your time.

How Do I Know Heavenly Father Loves Me?

Do you ask yourself this question?  I have.  However I have found the answers within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  I KNOW Heavenly Father loves me.  I have read His Scriptures, and The Holy Ghost has confirmed His Gospel.  What do I mean by Holy Ghost?  Jesus has taught us that there is a third member to our beloved Godhead:  Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and The Holy Ghost (also known as the Holy Spirit).  Jesus promised that He would not leave us “comfortless.”  And He has kept that promise.  We have the ability to hear or feel a “small, still voice” that arises in our bodies when we are feeling the truthfulness of His Word.  For example:  when I first read The Book of Mormon and I pondered its truthfulness a feeling of peace, wonderment, goosebumps, and a warmth in my chest, came over me.  At that time, I was not an LDS member.  I had no idea what I was feeling.  I asked the LDS missionaries that were giving lessons to me and my husband.  They explained that this ‘feeling’ was Heavenly Father’s way of testifying that this is His Word. That I can trust and believe in what I was reading and feeling.  Since then, I have also prayed to Heavenly Father asking Him questions.  When I get this ‘spiritual’ feeling that makes me warm with goosebumps, this is His truthfulness.  When I attend The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I feel His presence and warmth.  I know that Heavenly Father is real, that He answers my prayers, and that He loves me.


Talk to your dearly departed.

My LDS faith and my near-death experience taught me that we will see our dearly departed again.

We all know we must die some day. When we die, the loved ones we leave behind are sad, full of pain, and miss the dearly departed. These poor relatives and friends feel lost and lonely with their loss. Often times I hear these mourners say, “If only I could speak or talk to that person just one more time.” You can, You loved ones are still nearby, they are living in a spirit world. They can hear you and see you, You just cannot see or hear them until YOU die.

Feel free to talk to those who have gone before you. Isn’t that exciting to know? Your loved ones are in a spirit world. They can see you and hear you. So please talk to your loved ones you have lost. There is only a thin veil you which Heavenly Father created for reasons we will learn some day. If you accept this truth, it will help you during your mourning. Learn to talk out loud when you are alone with your loved ones. Tell them what you wished you had told them before they died. Make it a habit every day to tell them you know they are there. Tell them about your day and share your feelings, fears, hopes, and anything else you normally would if they were alive. Now don’t you feel excited. Soon you will have a “feeling” that they heard you. They have. I know this, and I use it every day. Have you ever had “a feeling” you should or shouldn’t do something. The Holy Ghost can share these answers with you.

Your departed members are still concerned about you. In my new book, coming out in May, 1, 2018, “VISIONS OF HEAVEN, What My Near-Death Experience Taught Me About Eternity,” I share many examples of how our loved ones who have passed have helped myself and my husband and I know you will come to understand and accept what I know is true.

I love the LDS missionaries!

My husband, Richard, and I walked into the Little Rock, Arkansas, Ward of, “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints,” and sat in the very back.  We wanted to be baptized.  My sister-in-law had joined the church and she had recommended, “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints,” to me because I had written a book about a near-death experience during which I had seen forever families.  At that time, I was doing a book tour in the bible belt and other churches had told me I was wrong to believe in a family oriented after-life.  I was excited to read about this church, their belief in forever families, and, “The Book of Mormon.”

When Richard and I sat down for the 10:00 service, we thought no one would notice us.  (haha, Richard was in a red jogging suit, and I was wearing shorts.)  The lady next to me held out her hand and said, “Hello.  Are you new to our faith?”  I shook her hand and said, “Yes, and we would like to be baptized.”  After she recovered from my statement, she told me to stay right there and she would be back with missionaries who could help me.  Richard and I grinned at each other because we had done some research and knew they were the guys we wanted to meet.

I will never forget taking Elder Whelan’s hand and looking into his eyes.  I saw love and kindness, and I felt as though I knew him from somewhere.  Taking Elder McMurtrey’s hand, I felt the same thing.  Behind these missionaries, I also met their Missionary President, and his wife.  These wonderful friends took us by the hand and we went to a ‘Gospel Principles’ lesson.  We sat between them and I remember feeling so loved.  After this lesson, we were invited to attend another hour of meetings.  I remember telling Richard not to let the missionaries out of his sight because we wanted to be baptized.  I had no idea what these missionaries would come to mean to me.

We set up our first ‘meeting,’ and I fell in love with these strong and secure young men immediately. When these Elders came into our home, they brought a light and a feeling that I had never experienced before. They radiated a truth and a ‘feeling’ that I wanted.  The missionaries and I argued about who was the answer to whose prayers.  I said I had prayed for them and they said they had prayed for us.  It didn’t matter that we didn’t agree because our lives were changed forever.  These young men became our friends, our mentors, and the teachers of our lessons on the LDS faith.  We had no idea what we wanted from these lessons other than we wanted what these people had. We didn’t know what ‘it’ was but we knew it was good and that we wanted it too.

These two missionaries baptized us and guided us into the next phase of our LDS lives.  To Elder Aaron Whelan and Elder Kadan McMurtrey, I am eternally grateful.  I share my testimony of these wonderful young men whenever I can.  I am still friends with Aaron and Kadan and we have shared other LDS experiences with each other.  Kadan came to our Endowments and our Sealings, and Richard and I went to Aaron’s sealing in Arizona.

To say I love the missionaries is an understatement.  I also adore their commitment to our beloved Gospel, Heavenly Father, and Jesus Christ.

Do we have a, ‘Heavenly Mother’?

Have you ever pondered/wondered if we have a Heavenly Mother? A Mrs. God? I cannot find any references in our scriptures so I have prayed and an answer that comes into my mind is; of course!!! Heaven is all about family. In my humble mind, that makes perfect sense. We are God’s children and we lived as spirit children with our Heavenly Parents and millions of other brothers and sisters. We always have been, and we always will be; even after we leave our earthly bodies. Iknow this is hard to grasp because here on earth we have a beginning and an end. But consider Jesus Christ. He has always been the only begotten One of our Heavenly Father, the One who volunteered to come to earth, be born of Mary, his mother, and Joseph, her husband, and to die on the cross for us. I have learned and believe that this phrase, “Only Begotten Son of The Father ” means that Jesus is God’s firstborn. When God first proposed, “The Great Plan of Salvation,” a plan to let his spirit children have a physical body and the joys that can come with, He gave us agency, (the choice for ourselves), to choose between evil and good, between believing and having faith in Jesus Christ, (the good) or to give in to Satan, (the bad). If we have lived on earth, we chose to have an earthly body. What choices we make will determine everything that happens to our souls forever after. This is my own personal opinion. You don’t have to agree; you have agency.

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Richard and I were sealed in the Lord’s Temple.

Richard and I became married and sealed for eternity. (Much better than til death do us part)

As new LDS converts, we were required to wait for 1 year before we could be sealed for eternity in an LDS temple.  If you want to be married til death do us part in a marriage vow you are done once you get your civil marriage.  However, if you want what my husband, Richard, and I wanted, which is to be sealed past death and into eternity there are more steps to take, of course.  This requires your mate and yourself to take certain Temple prep. classes, and had a current “Temple Recommend.”  This is very important because I want to be an eternal family.  We are very proud of this achievement.  I had learned about the ability to be with our loved ones the first vision I had of heaven.  (See first blog) I didn’t know what this was but I have since learned.  Richard’s dad had told me in my first NDE (near-death experience) (when I saw heaven during a surgical procedure) that I would know why he wanted me to tell his son, Richard, (my boyfriend and husband to be) to know his dad had never let go.   I knew it would be my own mission to either learn and become a forever family or let this message end with me.  I want everything I can learn about heaven and God’s plan so I opted to learn as much as I can about after-life choices.  It takes work: a devotion to Heavenly Father’s commandments, belief in Jesus Christ, scripture study, enduring to the end, and lots of other LDS lessons which I will share in future blogs.