Do we have a, ‘Heavenly Mother’?

Have you ever pondered/wondered if we have a Heavenly Mother? A Mrs. God? I cannot find any references in our scriptures so I have prayed and an answer that comes into my mind is; of course!!! Heaven is all about family. In my humble mind, that makes perfect sense. We are God’s children and we lived as spirit children with our Heavenly Parents and millions of other brothers and sisters. We always have been, and we always will be; even after we leave our earthly bodies. Iknow this is hard to grasp because here on earth we have a beginning and an end. But consider Jesus Christ. He has always been the only begotten One of our Heavenly Father, the One who volunteered to come to earth, be born of Mary, his mother, and Joseph, her husband, and to die on the cross for us. I have learned and believe that this phrase, “Only Begotten Son of The Father ” means that Jesus is God’s firstborn. When God first proposed, “The Great Plan of Salvation,” a plan to let his spirit children have a physical body and the joys that can come with, He gave us agency, (the choice for ourselves), to choose between evil and good, between believing and having faith in Jesus Christ, (the good) or to give in to Satan, (the bad). If we have lived on earth, we chose to have an earthly body. What choices we make will determine everything that happens to our souls forever after. This is my own personal opinion. You don’t have to agree; you have agency.

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