Are you happy?  Is life providing you with the rewards or blessings you expected?  I believe happiness comes from living in the moment.  It doesn’t help you to worry about the past or the future.  Enjoy what you have RIGHT NOW.  I pray you are blessed with joy and peace in your heart that allows you to experience the gifts that God has given you.

For me, I couldn’t enjoy the small and large blessings that came into my life every day.  It wasn’t until I reached out to Jesus and prayed for happiness.  The answer became clear.  “Live my life in the moment.”  I have learned not to worry about tomorrow and all the little things that don’t matter anyway.  The past cannot be changed and the tomorrows are not promised.

Keep your eye on the prize: heaven.  Obey the commandments.  Love your neighbor.  Say your prayers.  Read the scriptures.  Attend church.  Minister to your neighbors.  You will find a new inner peace.  Enjoy the peace and live the moment.

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