Angels Around Us


Do you believe in angels? I am truly interested in your thoughts and opinions.

I believe there are angels everywhere. On this side of the veil and on the side that awaits our after-life.

Who are the angels? They are our family, friends, and neighbors who serve each other. They are the spirits that are unembodied, disembodied, or persons that are re-embodies (resurrected) or translated. Paul warned us, “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares” (Hebrews 13: 2).

Keep in mind that you may serve as an angel to help give directions and guidance. That service could be inspired by the Holy Ghost or by an angel. Elder Jeffrey R. Holland summed it up this way, “In the gospel of Jesus Christ we have help from both sides of the veil.”


Are you happy?  Is your life providing with the rewards you expected?  For me, finding happiness was always the ultimate challenge.  I didn’t know where I was supposed to find my own happiness so I tried self-help books, relationships, dreaming about a new adventure I hoped for, and always looking to others for the answer.

I know this sounds silly, but one day I quit looking outside myself, and I began to enjoy what I had within me.  I have decided to live in the moment.  I am happier because I do not have to worry about what tomorrow may or may not bring.  And I added Jesus Christ to my life.  I pray everyday, and I ask my Heavenly Father to  help me.  He is always listening and always waiting to touch and fulfill your life.

Try this simple advice.  I know you can do it, and I pray that you find joy in every part of your life.

With eternal love,

Jane Moe

“What Heaven Is Like.”

Do you have a loved one who has passed on? Do you wish you could talk to them again? Would you like to tell someone you have lost how very much you love him or her? You can. I believe when a loved one passes on, they come back to you. Your loved ones can hear you, and they can see you. In return, you can talk to someone you love. Our spirits will never die. They are beyond our reach, however, it is only a thin veil that separates us. Want to learn more? Read my new release, “Visions of Heaven,” available everywhere!!!


Jesus is our Savior.

In 2006, I experienced a near-death experience. During surgery, my soul left my body. I was immediately aware I was in 2 places. I could see myself below yet I was standing in front of a door with a brilliant light bursting from the opening

I can see angels surrounding Jesus, more brilliant than anything I’ve ever seen before. I feel waves and more waves of His love crash over me. Now, rather than being overwhelming, it’s invigorating. Jesus’s love is evident in His eyes—the type of eyes that can see into the soul. Though He can see all my imperfections, there’s no judgment, only love.

Everything else is stunning too. The colors are more vibrant than any on earth. Red is not simply red. It is brilliant and shimmery, appearing to have gold flecks in it. The same is true of the blues, greens, and every other color I see as my eyes dart back and forth, taking in this magnificent scene. The hues are so vivid that they seem to be alive. I also hear music. Each note is profound, strong yet whispering. It is soothing as the sound ebbs and flows around me and through me.

I’ve never seen anything brighter, more magnificent, and I feel compelled to draw nearer, to see what’s on the other side of the door. I know that whatever it is, it’s good. Actually, much better than good. I know I must be in heaven.

Read more about my time in heaven in my new best-seller, “Visions of Heaven.”