HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO MY MOM IN HEAVEN.  I miss my mom!!!!  My mom died 3 years ago but it feels like it was yesterday.  There is still so much pain, because I mourn her physical loss.  I cannot call my mom on the phone.  I cannot see my mom in the nursing home.  I cannot hold my mommy’s hand. However, I CAN still feel her near me.  I CAN still talk out-loud to my mom, and I know that she can hear me.  I feel my mom’s spirit every time I call her name.  I KNOW IN MY HEART and my soul that my mom is in Heaven. I have done all of her Temple work and I know that she has accepted this wonderful gift.  I love you, mommy, with every breath I take.

Hug and love your moms everyday and enjoy eternity with your family.

I love you my brothers and sisters,

Jane Moe

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