Jane Moe article part 2


“He said, ‘Honey, how could this be happening?’ I said, ‘I don’t know, but your dad told me I have a message to share with the world and I don’t know what the message is,’” Jane recalls.

Jane returned home in shock, almost disbelieving everything she had experienced. Though she wrote down everything she could about the memory, she was unsure why she had seen this vision and what it was she was supposed to do.

That night, Richard’s father came to Jane again in a dream, along with Richard’s grandfather and mother. “They said, ‘We can visit you in your dreams now because you have a message to share.’ I said, ‘What is it?’ They never told me the message, they just smiled at me,” Jane says.

For the next eight months, Jane was confined to her bed or a wheelchair. Eventually, she learned to walk again using a walker, and, with the help of physical therapy, she began standing and walking on her own again. But during this time, Jane continued to have dreams about her ancestors and those who had passed away.

One night, Jane remembers receiving a visit from a beautiful woman who asked, “Do you know who I am?” Jane had never seen the woman before in her life, but the woman proceeded to tell Jane she was her Aunt Carol.

“I don’t have an Aunt Carol,” Jane replied.

“Yes, you do,” the woman replied.

The next day Jane called her father. “I asked, ‘Dad, why didn’t you ever tell me you have a sister named Carol?’ He said, ‘How do you know that? We buried her in the cemetery.  She was only a baby—she was stillborn.  She is dead.’  And I said, ‘No dad, she lives, and I saw her,’” Jane recalls. But her father didn’t believe her—at first. Many of Jane’s family and friends did not believe her experiences until much later in her journey.

Jane recorded her dreams in a journal, but she kept most of these visions between herself and Richard, afraid others would think she was crazy and still unsure why these experiences were happening. But soon Jane noticed changes in her waking life, not just her dreams. She began to have moments when she would feel as though angels were around her. Though she could not see them, she could sense the ancestors who came to her in her dreams surrounding her, strengthening her.

“If you talk out loud, your ancestors can hear you; they can see you too,” Jane says. “You can’t hear and see them because there is a thin veil that separates us, like a one-way mirror.”

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