When Satan Attacks Your Self-Worth,

Our self-image belongs to us.  We develop it, we encourage positive improvements, we fight to keep ourselves motivated, and finally: we feel good about ourselves. Ahhhhh.

And then, Satan nips at our heels.  This evil demon will do ANYTHING to crack our defenses.  Satan LOVES to create problems for us.  Satan LOVES to help us make mistakes in our lives. You name it: lies, using foul language, stealing, cheating, pornography, doubting your faith, and even telling us it is okay if we skip church and do whatever we want on Sunday.  If satan fails in any of these sins, satan attacks our self-worth.  We all question who we are at different or difficult times in our lives. And I think taking note of our lives can be a good thing.  While you are at it, may I recommend (from personal experiences) that you maintain a positive assessment.  I have found that when I am hard on myself, satan is right there tempting me to give up and take the easy route, the wrong road.  Well, I am on to satan and his tricks. I realize that satan will use any moment of weakness for his own evil agenda.  DON’T ALLOW THIS.  You KNOW you are a good person, that you try your best, and this should be the first measurement of our self-worth, knowing that we are the very best we can be.  I think this is the path Heavenly Father wants from us.  YOU’VE GOT THIS!!!!!

I love you my dear brothers and sisters.

Jane Moe

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